How Our Flying Club Works

Our History

Located just south of the Twin Cities, Airlake Aero has provided safe and enjoyable flying to its members for nearly 30 years. The Airlake Aero fleet consists of 4 airplanes stored in a heated hangar at the Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN. The club has shareholders/owners of all ages representing student pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, and flight instructors making it a vast community with lots of differnt skills to share.

Book a Plane

Members have access to an online scheduling tool that makes it easy to see airplane availability and to reserve an airplane of their choosing. Current operating rules allow members to have up to 3 reservations at one time.  

Go Flying

When it's time to fly simply go down to the hangar, do your preflight and head to the open skies! Upon landing members refuel the airplane at the onsite FBO and bring it back to the hangar to clean and get ready for the next flight. Every plane is well maintained with the help of shareholders as well as outside maintenance providers. At the conclusion of each flight, members fill out paperwork for each flight including maintenace squawks, tach hrs and fuel used.


A. Use the Contact Us link or email us at A designated board member of Airlake Aero will be in touch. You may also buy shares from current share holders.

A: Having a minimum of a Private Pilot license would allow you the unsupervised use of our aircraft. While there are instructors available at Airlake Aero our charter is not as a flight school so it would take a lot longer to complete your flight training.

A: All membership shares at Airlake Aero are family memberships. This is one of the best features at Airlake Aero. This means that with one share your spouse and children (younger than 23 years old) may fly the aircraft at AAI. There is no additional charge for a family membership. Our insurance covers all family members. Using this feature we have a number of members who have chosen to introduce aviation to their children.

A: Currently we have a protocol to allow this. The requirements are that the instructor be approved by the safety officer. This might involve a flight check and documentation review.

A: Our bylaws allow vacation flights. Our shareholders have taken aircraft to the Bahamas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Texas, Arizona, Mexico. The details can be found in the bylaws.

A: Currently we do not have a process to buy back memberships.

A: The aircraft use fee is wet per tach hour and rebalanced montly based on fuel costs the club incurred.

Landing Archer 8414N: Winter Flying

Landing Archer 8414N (one of our 4-seat aircraft) at Airlake

Hangar Location

The Airlake Aero flying club is located just south of the Twin Cities at the Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN. The Airlake airport is a pilot-controlled airspace with a 4,000 ft runway and offers self-service fuel 24x7. We own a large hangar right off of the main taxiway and near the FBO.